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We never use bots, pay for followers OR engagement. We believe it's important to authentically engage the communities and niches our customers represent. 



We offer monthly subscription management services in advertising & social media management. 

What else do we offer?

Great ad on or stand alone packages to improve your social media experience in the following categories:

Logo Creation + Branding, Copywriting, Photography, Website Design, 1:1 & Group Strategy Sessions

We never use bots, pay for followers or engagement. We believe it’s important to authentic

Social Media Strategy

Looking for engaging, personalized content for your brand but not sure where to start? Our amazing, highly qualified team will walk you through every step of the way while helping you build the brand you've always dreamed of. 


With a full staff including copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, social media experts and ad managers - we are a full service agency. Let us work our magic! 

Advertising on Social Media

Feel like your business has been stuck in a rut lately? It's not a voodoo curse.

(or at least we hope not...)

It's just low engagement! We can change that. 

Social Media

Want to learn how to optimize and manage your own social media accounts? We offer hands on training sessions that work with your staff to help them implement strategies to improve your social media presence. 

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Social media has become the highest asset to businesses all over and for someone like myself, it’s not an easy job. Finding Oracle grew my marketing side and helped me build the aesthetic presence that I found so difficult to portray. It was the trust that I found irreplaceable, I would recommend Oracle x Media to beginners or masters of business. Pleasure to work and Collab with, pure genius.

Emma Evans - Harlow House Salon


Tired of spending hours on end creating post after post without any significant difference in your follower count or engagement? Our number one goal is to get you noticeable results. We love a good wow factor.


Let us help you build the brand you want, streamline your processes and create  cohesive and stylish digital assets that you can continue to use for years to come.

Not sure where to start? We're happy to help - contact us HERE

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