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Founder, Oracle


With nearly ten years of social media management experience and a love for all things business - Wiley is a self proclaimed nerd and sci-fi lover, pet quail mother, and social media junkie. You can find her on her off days holed up in bed binging YouTube videos or reading a new book.

We see your future, and it’s looking bright.


Woman owned social media mgmt + marketing company.

Helping you build the brand you want.


Based in sunny St. Petersburg, FL

Chief Creative, Oracle

With 10 plus years of experience in the world of digital marketing and content creation, Lalie is an innovator. Her passion is in developing and designing media to rise above the white noise in the over saturated social media industry. She is also an animal lover, music enthusiast & style hunter. 

Accounts Manager, Social Media Specialist


With a background in architecture and design, Danielle has an amazing eye for what works. She loves the engagement aspect of social media and writes amazing, converting sales copy. A transplant from Nashville to St. Petersburg she lives in her chic downtown apartment with her two rescue pups. In her free time she loves to watch Real Housewives with a glass of wine on the couch. #lifegoals