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Mercury Retrograde Boss Babe Survival Guide

  • Only a few more days until Mercury goes direct. And sweet shit, we couldn’t be happier. If you’ve made it this far without any major life hiccups, give yourself a pat on the back. However, if you’re like the rest of us - this month has been a series of ups and downs. Glitchy cell phones, car trouble, miscommunication… we’ve run the mercury retrograde gamut and welcome the impending end as we go direct and can focus on moving forward.

  • What to expect: Mercury rules communication, so be extra careful with your words, and do your best to communicate as clearly as possible. If you have to pause before you send something to someone and question whether or not you should - I can almost guarantee you shouldn’t. Mercury Retrograde is hard on everyone, so a little extra kindness doesn’t hurt.

  • Technology is more apt to break during this time - so take extra care when handling cell phones, laptops, cameras and while driving your car. Consider waiting to make large updates to software in order to avoid crashes. Avoid buying any new electronics until after Mercury goes direct.

  • Good things about Mercury Retrograde: Okay, I know you’re probably confused. Most everything that’s spread around each retrograde cycle can tend to lean toward the negative, however there are some great aspects of Mercury Retrograde, we promise! Revisit issues you have been having in the past and try to gain new insight. Mercury Retrograde isn’t for starting NEW things, but it is for revisiting whatever has been on your back burner or for reevaluating priorities, relationships and financial goals.

  • During Mercury Retrograde you can expect to hear from old friends that you’ve lost touch with or selectively removed from your life. Same with old relationships. I’ve found that it’s almost like clockwork during the retrograde season. Just keep an eye out so you’re not blindsided.

  • Cliff Notes Version: Don’t start anything new. Don’t sign any contracts, leases, binding legal documents or take out new loans or lines of credit until post retrograde. If you must - BE SURE TO READ THE FINE PRINT. Technology is extra finicky right now, so be careful! Keep your eyes on the road and make sure your vehicle is up to date on oil changes, tires, breaks, etc. Mercury Retrograde doesn’t play games! Keep an eye out for old lovers and friends. It’s up to you to decide if you’ll want to reconnect. Just remember healthy boundaries!

  • We've included a few must haves to help you get through this (and future) retrogrades. You can find most of these items online through retailers like Amazon - but we always recommend shopping small or local. Amethyst for calm and enhancing intuition - SHOP HERE Fluorite promotes logical & critical thinking - SHOP HERE Clear Quartz for improving clarity & focus - SHOP HERE Bundled Sage for cleansing your workspace to promote productivity - SHOP HERE Pyrite is used to promote prosperity in business - SHOP HERE


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